The Season Finale of The Killing: A Raw Reaction

Oh my god.

Oh my goooooooooooooooooooooood.

You can not be fucking serious. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Okay number one: I really should have known this was gonna suck when the commercial advertised : SHOCKING LAST FIVE MINUTES YOU'LL BE TALKING ABOUT FOREVVVEEEERRR. I should have known I'd be hit with awful swerves. But you know what? I expected to actually get the answer to one question, the one single question that I actually gave a shit about: Who killed Rosie?

But no, what we get is more of the Mystical Adventure of the Dumbest Cops Ever: Now in Color! I mean, jesus christ, was Holden that much of an idiot that he would not think Linden would find out he was lying? I mean, god damn.

Also, good job on making in really clear that the dude you were making out to be the killer was not the killer guys. Subtle infodump on who Orpheus was too.

Another thing: SHOCKING SWERVES are not a viable alternative to good storytelling. Sorry guys, I really could care less about any of your plot points for next season.